How I imagine future SasuSaku sometimes. lol <3
I love Uryuu in the moment.
This was his “Inoue is mine” moment.
I like how he says “I don’t need YOU to say anything.”

It’s like a secret battle for Orihime’s love that Ichigo didn’t even know he was apart of. 

IshiHime Forever.

Fifty Shades of Grey = Hapi Mari Manga

I was trying to figure out where I have seen Grey’s overprotective, richness before and today I remembered.

So I’m going to do some edits and use some quotes to show everyone these. Hell, I’ll even color them lol

Finished the Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy and, of course, being my curious self…I reached BDSM caning, because I dis not know what it was. And OMG! That’s looks painful beyond all reason!


Of course! ^^

My grandpa likes to go all-out when he babysits Bailey and Oscar.

Can we just point out the fact that Rukia and Ichigo have more eye smex than any canon couple in any other manga.